MoragMacpherson (moragmacpherson) wrote,

In Defense of Geeks

Because there's something else that brassed me off about last night's Supernatural episode.

Inspired by Kalliel's post about writing posts emphasizing all the awesome things that Supernatural fans do that aren't related to fandom.  I'm gonna take a slightly different tack.  I defend my fan-girl status.  Because being a fan-girl (or fan-boy)? Does not automatically turn you into a horrible person. We come from lots of different backgrounds.  Not all fan girls and fan-boys were picked on in high school. Some of us have engaging social lives and/or successful careers and/or sex with attractive people without resorting to black magic. Sometimes we even have interests outside of the things we're fans of. And watch out: we have a habit of taking over the asylum eventually.  So here's a few examples of awesome people whom we can count among our own ranks.

You can tell being a geek is more fun because all of the cool kids are doing it
(fake cut goes to DW because LJ is eating half my code)

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