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Aches and irritations

So, my adventures in NYC/Washington with the Over-packed Bag of Doom™ may have had unforeseen and misery-inducing consequences.  My poor, abused upper back and shoulder muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments -- already facing the constant oppression of lugging around  my bodacious ta-tas and my habit slumping of a keyboard and typing 4-5 hours a day -- have declared war.  My left scapula kicked things off two days ago with the traditional "taking my rhomboid muscle hostage and threatening to cut it off with my rib cage".  It does this every once in awhile and I hate it, but it's at least something I'm used to.  But today my trapezius, deltoid, triceps brachii and I think the entire teres muscle group (shoulders are so wonderfully complicated) have all banded together and declared strike.   Seriously - when the most comfortable resting position for your arms is to keep your elbows pointed out and level with your shoulders, something has gone horribly wrong.  Anyway, the bad news of this is - typing?  Makes it worse - unless of course I'm lying on my belly to do it (like I am right now) -- but my neck muscles are warning me that keeping my face up at this angle is not an acceptable long-term solution.  The real killer, however, is that holding up books hurts as well, so I can't even lie in the bath and read until the pain goes away.

tl;dr - I hate my body and it hates me right back.  Consequently, there might not be much of me about for a day or two while I  wait for my muscles (and tendons and ligaments) to forgive me for all of my sins.  If it's not better by Monday, to the masseuse I shall go.

But before I go (screw you, neck, I'll faceplant in a second and we'll listen to Fight Club and life will be grand), I do have to say one thing: I really took for granted how peaceful my mid-to-late teens were.  I'm looking at the years 1995-pre June 2001, desperately trying to find major real life combat experiences for Arthur (Delta Force 6/1999 - 9/2003) and Eames (SAS 3/1996 - 4/2002)  -- and there's just hardly anything there.  It's not helped by the fact that special forces battalions are really cagey about revealing where they've been deployed.  But when it comes to declared military actions: we'd all already bailed on Somalia, even the Balkans had calmed down by 1996, and the Kosovo situation seems to have been dealt with largely by aerial bombings.  Eames and the SAS is a little easier - I think I can get him in Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone - but pretty much the only place I can find  Arthur any real deployment between mid-1999 and August 2001 is as a military advisor in Columbia - and whoa, is that a political mess that I want nothing at all to do with.  Fuckind SoA - I protested that, back in the day,  Maybe some early, early recon in Iraq during the 2000 bombing raids?  And weren't we having some sort of snit with North Korea and/or China around 1999-2000?  I swear, there should be more to pick from.  But yeah - I didn't realize how accustomed I've become to the US being at war through essentially my entire adult life.  Funny how much can happen in ten years when they feel like they flew by in an instant.
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