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Ficlet: Dream a Little [REDACTED] Of Me (SPN/Inception xover)

This is for [info]callowyn, who told me she'd finally watch Inception if I wrote an Inception fusion with the SPN episode "Dream a Little Dream of Me".  Quick, dirty, and un-beta'd, but a heck of a lot of fun to write.

Title: Dream a Little [REDACTED] Of Me
Author: [personal profile] moragmacpherson 
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 470
Fandoms: Supernatural, Inception
Characters: Arthur, Eames, Sam, Dean, Bela, Jeremy
Timeline: Dream a Little Dream of Me (SPN 3.10), pre-movie for Inception
Contents Include: Surprisingly little, but some implied Eames/Bela and if you squint really close, Arthur/Eames
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, the CW, and their associated corporate identities; Inception belongs to Christopher Nolan, Warner Brothers, and their associated corporate identities
Summary: The story of what really happened lies between the redactions







Based on news reports and intelligence gathered by [REDACTED], I traveled to [REDACTED], accompanied by Lt. [REDACTED] in order to investigate multiple instances of death and/or coma resulting from potential overdoses of [REDACTED] compounds.  Upon my arrival at [REDACTED] University where I met Professor [REDACTED], I conducted an audit of their supplies of both the [REDACTED]  and of processed [REDACTED] compounds and discovered that only small quantities of the raw ingredient [REDACTED] were missing from the University's stores while Lt. [REDACTED] began interviewing subjects of the study.

Upon further investigation it became clear that J. [REDACTED], one of the most promising candidates of the [REDACTED] study, was capable of lucid [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] using only unprepared [REDACTED] without the benefit of either refined [REDACTED] compounds or a [REDACTED] device.  This circumstance has yet to be replicated in any of our other [REDACTED] studies in [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], or, according to Lt. [REDACTED] by any European agencies also cooperating in Project [REDACTED], but is proof of the viability of investigating remote [REDACTED] in further research studies.

Unfortunately, further inquiries and/or interrogation of J. [REDACTED] were prevented by the intervention of a pair of civilians, identified from IAFIS  as D. [REDACTED] and S. [REDACTED] (see attachment A, Fingerprint Analysis).  These civilians experienced [REDACTED] as the subject of dreams constructed by [REDACTED] and in the process of extricating themselves from the dreams, killed [REDACTED].  It is not clear why the death during [REDACTED] resulted in J. [REDACTED]'s death rather than his return to consciousness as is routine when [REDACTED] using the [REDACTED] device.  This should be regarded as a potential complication in replicating J. [REDACTED]'s process for in pursuit of achieving remote [REDACTED].

Attempts to [REDACTED] the events of the [REDACTED] from the minds of the fugitives D.[REDACTED] or S. [REDACTED] were ineffective due to their apparently extensive experience at evading capture (see attachment B, FBI file compiled by Agent V. [REDACTED]).  Their escape may also have been assisted by an as yet unidentified female, apparently of ambiguous European origin, whose DNA is not in the Interpol database.  Please see the report of Lt. [REDACTED] for the specific details of how the unknown female subject's DNA was obtained and the exact circumstances of the male subjects' escape.

Additional red flags have been attached to the FBI files of D. [REDACTED] and S. [REDACTED] so that in the event of their eventual capture, we can further investigate their experiences of remote [REDACTED].  Also, due to the aroused suspicion of hospitals in the [REDACTED] area and at [REDACTED] University, I recommend the termination of the [REDACTED] study and a thorough audit of all [REDACTED] supplies at our remaining research centers.


This entry was originally posted at because DW is where I set up crossposting first and I'm lazy. Feel free to comment wherever you prefer. This post has comments on DW.
Tags: fic, ficlet, inception, spn, xover
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